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Willamette Falls Regenerative Design
Project Type
University Practicum
Community Planning

Oregon City, Oregon

Project Team
Vicki Elmer, OLIS Director
Ric Stephens, Instructor
Sarah Allison, Carly Kupka, Danni Martin, Hope Nealson, Tristan Oker, Natalie Sandberg, Evan Tremaine, Melodi Yanik

23 acres [9 hectares]

The former Blue Heron paper mill site is located adjacent the historic downtown of Oregon City and the Willamette Falls. The Falls are the second largest in the nation by volume. The site has five significant cultural themes:
1. The Missoula Floods
2. Native American Fishing & Hunting
3. Early American Pioneer “End of the
Oregon Trail”
4. Birth of Pacific Northwest Electrical Power
5. Industrial Mill Site
Researchers studied specific elements of regenerative design; conducted a high school design charrette, design studio, public presentation; and wrote their findings and recommendations.
Willamette Falls Regenerative Design Report