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Lolo Regional Plan
Project Type
Regional Plan
Master-Planned Community

Missoula County, Montana

Project Team
Karen Hughes, Missoula County Rural Initiatives
Michelle Gregory, Soapbox Enterprises
Marya Morris, Duncan Associates
Dean Apostol, Singing Salads Farm
Ric Stephens, SPD

367 square miles [950 square kilometers]

6,046 residents

Revisions to the Lolo Regional Plan; amendment to the Missoula County Growth Policy; measures to implement the plan; development and facilitation of the public process; and plan guidance and implementation through governing body review. The area includes several communities including Lolo, Carlton, Lolo Hot Springs, and Bitterroot Resort. There are
numerous cultural and natural resources including elk, moose, bear and other species habitat; the Lewis & Clark Trail; winter recreation areas; and many other features.