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International Society of City and Regional Planners
Project Type
International Advisory Services

Zurich, Switzerland 2014 (UPAT Symposium)
Gdansk, Poland 2014 (MSRL)
Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2013 (Intensive Training)
Shantou, China 2013 (Design Competition)
Wuhan, China 2012 (UPAT)
Abu Dhabi, UAE 2011 (Intensive Training)
Szczecin, Poland 2009 (UPAT)
Dalian, Beijing, China 2008 (Congress)
Lincoln City, Oregon 2007 (UPAT)
Cancún, Mexico 2006 (UPAT)
Riverside, California 2005 (Seminar)
Geneva, Switzerland 2004 (Congress)
Athens, Greece 2002 (Congress)
Utrecht, Netherlands 2001 (Congress)
Cancun, Mexico 2000 (Congress)
Lisbon, Azores, Portugal 1998 (Congress)

Editor, Editorial Staff, UPATs
Graphic Designer (infographics)
Juror, Gerd Albers Award Committee
Leader/Member, UPATs
Member, Local Organizing Committees
National Delegate, USA
Vice President 2002-2004
Winner, Carfax Prize, 2000
YPP Instructor, Mentor, Sponsor

A global association of professional planners, founded in 1965, bringing together recognized and highly qualified planners.