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Humor in Planning
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Dark & Stormy Planning Prose
The Dark & Stormy Planning Prose Contest was started in 1996 as an event to share humorous and unique planning stories and text.

Humor in Planning Presentation
Ric has given presentations on “Humor in Planning” at conferences and other events for more than two decades. He and colleagues Mark Brodeur, Ron Pflugrath AICP and Marvin Roos AICP shared humorous perspectives on the planners, architects, engineers and city officials for such groups as the American Planning Association (APA), Southern California Planning Congress and Urban Land Institute. Ric presented “Humor in Planning” to the Oregon Planning Institute annual state-wide conference and “Hearings from Hell” to the APA Oregon / Washington Chapters.

The Plannerese Dictionary contains an eclectic collection of unique and humorous words, phrases, and miscellany related to the built and natural environment. The entries range from "a la mode" a reference to an extra touch to a plan, to "zygocephalum" a measure of land based on the area of land a yoke of oxen could plow in one day. Inserts include words and phrases related to airport planning, architectural styles, cell towers, houses, laws, lots, patron saints, public hearings and meetings, real estate ad phrases, rules, signage, sports analogies, street people, subdivision scale, suburbia, terms of venery, and zoning ordinance anachronisms.