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Distinguished Leadership by a Community Planner, OAPA 2013
Sustainability Scholar, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University 2011
Constancia IMPLAN Urban Task Force, Cancun 2006
Distinguished Leadership Award, Agency “Riverside County Airport Land Use Commission” IES CCAPA 2005
Golden Leaves Award, University Library, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 2005
Individual Journalist Award IES CCAPA 2004
International Poster “McSweeny Farms Innovative Community” CORP2004, Vienna, Austria
Comprehensive Planning Award of Merit “Domenigoni Valley Master Planned Community” IES CCAPA 2002
Focused Issue Planning Award “San Bernardino Co Telecom Ordinance” IES CCAPA 2002
Advocacy Planning Award “Hillview Acres Children’s Home” IES CCAPA 2002
Contribution to Women Award “Rising Moon Equine Center” IES CCAPA 2002
Media Award “Planning Posters”, IES CCAPA 2002
Division Achievement Award “Private Practice Division” National APA 2002
Planning Implementation Award of Merit “Chapman Heights Master Planned Community” IES CCAPA 2001
International Planning Exhibit Poster, “Principles of Smart Development” 9. Salon d’urbanisme (9th Annual International Urban Planning Exhibition), Nis, Yugoslavia, 2000
Best Exhibition Poster, Carfax Prize “People’s Empowerment in Planning” World Planning Congress, Cancun Mexico, 2000
Academic Award, IES CCAPA 2000
Distinguished Alumnus, College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona, 1999
Outstanding Environmental Resource Document—Media Honorable Mention, “IEC-AEP Website” AEP 1999
Planning Project Merit Award “March Field Museum Master Plan” IES CCAPA 1999
Distinguished Contribution Award, National APA 1999
Distinguished Service Award, IES & CCAPA 1998
Media Award “IES APA Website” IES CCAPA 1998
Outstanding Environmental Resource IEC AEP 1998
Section Activity Award “Planning Commissioners Forum” IES CCAPA 1997
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword “Dark and Stormy Planning Prose” IES CCAPA 1997
Innovative Resource Award “Infobahn Tourguide for Planners” IES CCAPA 1996
Nuts and Bolts Award “Telecommunications Facilities Regulation” IES CCAPA 1996
Section Activity Award “Vintages & Vinegars Program” IES & CCAPA 1995
Robert Street Memorial Award, IES CCAPA 1994
Education Project Award “Box City Planning Program”, IES CCAPA 1993
Section Activity Award “International Planning Organizations Directory” CCAPA 1993
Media Award “Plannerese Dictionary” IES CCAPA, 1992
Distinguished Service Award, IES CCAPA 1992
Graduate Planning Award, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 1989
Honors & Awards