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Gdansk, Pomeranian Province, Poland

Project Team [Public Space]

Slawomir Ledwon, Project Supervisor

Tomasz Rozwadowski, Project Supervisor

Hanna Obracht-Prondzyska, Coordinator

Ric Stephens, Mentor

Marta Rusin, Assistant

Patryk Czajka, Researcher

Alina Gredzicka, Researcher

Jessika Kreps, Researcher

Malgorzata Potocka, Researcher

Marta “Poti” Potulska, Researcher


Public Space Planning and Design Manual


Researchers will study public space from the perspectives of biophilic design, experiential design, physiology, programming, public art, regenerative design and sense of place. The final work will be formatted as a design manual and presented to the various organizers and the 50th International Planning Congress. A supplemental study on “Water and Public Space” will coincide with the Congress theme.

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