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Shantou East Coastal Area

Project Type

International Advisory Services

International Urban Design Competition

Project Website

Regional Planning


Shantou, Guangdong Province, China

Design Competition

Martin Dubbeling, Organizer, Connecting Cities

Ric Stephens, Connecting Cities

Sebastien Goethals, Urban Stream

Miaoxin Wei, Shantou Urban Planning

Xiang Wang, CCCC

Area / Population

33 square miles [85 square kilometers]

800,000 projected population


Three renowned urban planning and design teams from Europe (KuiperCompagnons Rotterdam / Shanghai & Paul Andreu Architecte Paris, shared 1st), the USA (NBBJ Architectural Consulting Boston / Seattle / Shanghai, shared 1st) and Asia (Ove Arup and Partners London/Hong Kong / Singapore, 2nd) participated in an international urban design competition for the Shantou New East Coastal Area.