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Domenigoni Valley
Project Type
Master-Planned Community

Winchester, California

Project Team
Andy & Cindy Domenigoni, Sky Canyon Enterprises LLC
Steve Wood, Construction Logic
Chris Cummins, AEI-CASC
Tom Nievez, AEI-CASC
Ric Stephens, AEI-CASC

1,743 acres [705 hectares]

4,300 residential units

The Domenigoni Valley Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report created a complete community with civic, commercial, recreation, schools, parks, championship golf course, open space and habitat preserves. The project is adjacent the newly created Diamond Valley Lake and integrates a western heritage lifestyle with urban amenities and tourism development. This project implemented regional land use and transportation planning for this area of the Riverside County Integrated Project, one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. The plan and project team received numerous local and international awards and honors.