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South Hillsboro
Project Type
Master-Planned Community

Hillsboro, Oregon

Project Team
Wink Brooks, City of Hillsboro
Pat Ribellia, City of Hillsboro
Karla Antonini, City of Hillsboro
Ric Stephens, Principal-in-Charge, ACD
[see document for complete list]

2,330 acres [942 hectares]

9,223 residential units

The South Hillsboro Community Plan provides the framework for a residential mixed-use community organized around a new town center, complemented by a neighborhood center that can accommodate concentrations of retail and service uses; employment opportunities; civic facilities; schools; neighborhood parks; natural areas; and a variety of housing choices, consistent with Metro’s 2040 Growth Concept. This conceptual framework integrates urban centers into the natural landscape, while protecting and enhancing natural resources, and creating compact walkable neighborhoods served by a variety of transportation modes, allowing the rational and economic provision of urban services.