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Belize Caribbean Riviera
Project Type
Master-Planned Community
International Resort & Tourism

Caribbean Coast, Belize

Project Team
H.E. Alexander Piletsky (Ambassador for Belize), Southern Lagoon Free Zone Management Company, Ltd
H.H. Prince Carl Philipp von Habsburg
Carlos Chanduvi-Suarez, United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Manfred Schrenk, International Society of City and Regional Planners
Ric Stephens, SPD
Geza Kiss, WMG

+5,700 acres [+2300 hectares]

~10,000 residential units

The Belize Caribbean Riviera is being planned as the “Resort/Rivera of the Future” as part of a collaborative effort with the Belize government, UNIDO, OFID, and ISOCARP. The project includes a Town Center, Palace Casino Hotel, International Themed Resorts, marinas, harbor, 2 championship golf courses, waterways, theme park, recreation centers, and more.